Idling is a frustrating and unnecessary source of air pollution. Many parents in our network have repeatedly witnessed it happening outside schools, in town centres, playgrounds and at hospitals. As well as the increase in localised air pollution, leaving an engine idling wastes fuel and money.

In order to raise awareness about why idling is so problematic, many of our members have been approaching idling drivers at the kerbside and outside schools. We speak to them in a friendly manner to explain the damage idling can do, and we hand out our flyers which were designed specially for us by Aneel Kalsi. Printing of these flyers was possible with the support of Client Earth. We’ve co-ordinated with a number of schools to hand out idling letters in the children’s school bags.

Mums for Lungs also wrote to 18 councils across London asking them to do more to use parking enforcement solutions to tackle idling. This was a joint letter with 23 community groups, signed by over 400 people.

Kate Roncoroni